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We are beauty lovers! Our product is quality driven.

We have dedicated R&D team who is kept up-to-date with the latest beauty technology. We are keen to deliver effective and quality products to all beauty lovers for superior home salon experience!

Check Out Our Best Selling Beauty Devices and Rejuvenate Your Skin NOW!

All Signature Collections: Services

iMask Beauty Team dedicates to deliver Professional Beauty Tools & Accessories for perfect skin appearance. Cosmetic-Art Pro Collection consists of a series of products that are developed aiming to create Cosmetic-Look like a Pro.

Permanent hair removal at home using iMask Beauty Premium Cooling Salon-Flash device. Experience true painless hair removal at home with privacy.

Extra fine brush-knot massages away collected dirt and pollution. Following the atomised warm import of skin care nutrient. Gentle and straight into the deep layer of your bare skin, with nothing else more.

Experience a combination of powerful cosmetic treatments - Photon and Microdermabrasion suction. See dead skin cells and oil build-ups being sucked out with your own eyes.

Grow your skin at home with the RF Beauty Salon Treatments. Latest Japanese Beauty Technology that stimulates skincare nutrition absorption and energise your skin cell for a true rejuvenation inside out.

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