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Ultimate Skin Cleanse Set

Ultimate Skin Cleanse Set

AU$219.99 Regular Price
AU$153.99Sale Price

This beauty set provides great value of money which consists of 2 iMask signature products:

  • Lifting & Warm Import Facial Brush - Premium Ultra-Atomising Version
  • Microscope Visible Vacuum Pore Cleaner


This Cleanse Set combines a great number of beauty treatments which maximise the pore cleansing result. Effective at removing skin-pollution and improve skin conditions such as excess oil production, blackheads, fat granule , repeative acne & blocked pores.


Relax at home for convenient and affordable skin cleanse treatments anytime.


*International Postage is based on Product Weight including packaging being 0.8kg.


    Ultrasonic Vibration creates invisible high frequency waves stimulate muscle movements and atomises skincare nutrients.


    Remove residual makeup and pollution to avoid small molecule dirt collecting in pores. After the treatment, your skin is unblocked to allow 'passage' for skin care nutrition absorption.


    Combines import function and deeply imports nutrient into deeper skin layer.


    The Cleanse Set can be used to treat the following skin conditions:

    • Dullness
    • Uneven skin tone
    • Coarse pores
    • Repetitive Acne
    • Skin oil over production
    • Blackhead, fat granule and blocked pores

    • Safe & Painless
    • Highly effective and clinic proven
    • Safe to be used on face and all body areas
    • Convenient treatment at home at your own time, can be used daily as required
    • An affordable solution to clean your skin and restore unhealthy pores.


    A visibly effective solution to clear, smooth and spotless skin

    Visible result can be observed after just one treatment. The results are cumulative, a series of treatments lead to the formation of a new skin layer which is smoother, healthier and more poreless appearance.


    Your money is wasted buying skincare products without a proper applying tool.

    Use this mode when applying face toner, serum or masks. Your skin nutrition absorption rate will be increase by over 80%.


    Warm Treatment is included to optimize your import experience. 

    Warm Import Treatment opens pores and simulate nutrition absorption. Temperature is ranged between 40-45C for the best comfort

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