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Lifting & Warm Import Face Cleanser

Lifting & Warm Import Face Cleanser

AU$99.99 Regular Price
AU$89.99Sale Price

Extra fine brush-knot massages away collected dirt and pollution. Following the atomised warm import of skin care nutrient. Gentle and straight into the deep layer of your bare skin, with nothing else more.


*International Postage is based on Product Weight including packaging being 0.3kg.

  • Device Features (Apply to All Product Models)

    • 3 working areas: Brush Area, Function Area (metal part) & Massage Area (the back side of the device). 
    • Extra fine & soft cleansing knot thoroughly cleans skin.
    • High frequency vibration massages away oil and pollution. Remove dirt and unblock pores.
    • 7 adjustable vibration strength levels for different skin sensitiveness profile.
  • Function Modes


    • Makeup Remove: Take off the magnetic retaining ring from the device and attach a cotton sheet (wet with makeup remover). Turn on the cleansing mode and gently wipe face to remove makeup using the Function Area.
    • Face Clean: Wet face with water and apply your favourite face cleanser onto the Brush Area. Turn on the cleansing mode and gently clean face in circular motion with Brush Area.
    Warm Import: 
    • Spread the essence evenly or apply a face mask on the face. Turn on the device and switch to Import Mode. Use Function Area and move in circular motion to import essence.
    • Apply oil, essence or moisturiser to face. Using the massage area, move along the face to massage. 
  • Does Atomising Generate Heat and Burn Skin

    The Atomising Effect does not generate heat, it is due to our specialty technology - Ultrasonic Atomisation.


    Ultra-Atomising is an effective and extremely gentle muscle stimulation technology which can penetrate into skin layers. It is invisible by human eyes & not feelable when applying on face.


    However, we use skincare product to show you that we are not just saying – IT IS THERE.

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